1 night camp & 20L pack

in Outdoors

I have been thinking about how light I could actually go for a day trip or 1 night wildcamp. I bought a Terra Nova Laser 20L pack to try as a day pack before I went to Finland but never had chance to test it before doing the TGO Challenge. When I got back I read a post Darren had done about getting everything into a SeatoSummit 20L pack. So while I still had everything lying about I thought I'd test my laser pack. Sorry the pictures are rubbish they were taken on an iPhone, as main camera was in the picture.

I never really tried to make this lightweight, it's 4.5kg.

  • Terra Nova Laser 20L Pack
  • Mountain Equipment w/proof trousers
  • Montane Quickfire w/proof jacket
  • Berghaus Infinity jacket and drybag
  • Caldera Keg, Gram cracker, lighter, spoon & esbit
  • 1L Buxton water
  • Platypus 1L
  • Thermarest NeoAir Short
  • Petzl Tikka Plus
  • Wickes Double Glazing film in bag (ground sheet)
  • Camera & Case
  • PHD Minimus in drybag
  • Stakes/pegs in Akto bag
  • MLD Trailstar
  • Silva Compass
  • 1 dehydrated meal
  • Assortment of cereal bars
  • Kuksa (Finish wooden cup)
  • iPhone (not in pic as I used it for photo)

As you can see I've hardly tried to keep it lightweight, it easily fits into the bag even though for the pic I just threw everything in. I never used the outside stretch pockets on the back, but for a wet shelter they're perfect. The only problem I have is the stitching isn't the best on the Laser pack, if trying to cram it full, it may come apart.

You could easily use this for a couple of days, just increase the food. If I was confident of good weather I wouldn't take the waterproofs (rarely in the UK) as they take up more room than I'd like.