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I decided to finally buy a few walking gear bits and bobs I've been wanting. The main thing I fancied was a Therm-a-Rest Neo Air, I struggle sleeping on my back and my current Alpkit Slim Airic is a bit thin when sleeping on my side. It's also nearly 3 times heavier and considerably bigger rolled up than the small Neo Air. I have previously bought items from Backpackinglight.co.uk (3 years ago) and had received excellent service. So, when I became undecided over which size to purchase I sent an email and within 10 minutes Rose had answered all my questions, thanks Rose. While browsing bpl I decided to order a few other things, rather than writing about each I will just list them below.

Update July 2012

This post is now almost 3 years old but while migrating to the new site I thought I would update my thoughts on a couple of the items.

  • NeoAir (Short) - After 3 years I recently borrowed a regular length and I get a far better nights sleep. The short was just a little too short it often caused my knees to ache with my feet and lower legs hanging off the bottom even with a bag under them. It's also warmer when your feet are on a longer NeoAir. My first NeoAir deflated but this was replaced and I've had no problem since. The extra weight of the regular is worth every gram.

  • Silk Liner - I've been very happy with this, it keeps my sleeping bag clean and its surprising just how much warmth it adds. These were no longer listed when I just checked but the SeatoSummit is the same and has more fit options.

  • Backpacking Pillow - I used this twice and found it a waste of time. I just use a stuff sack I am already carrying as a pillow.

  • Repair Kit - It sits in the bag with my NeoAir but I have never used it and in reality not sure I would really fix it in the middle of nowhere. Plunging the NeoAir into a loch to find where the leak is isn't something I'd really do. On a long trip you may want to fix it, especially if in a very remote area.

  • Ortleib A4 Case - I use this on most trips with a printed map of my intended route. I then just roll it up and put it in the side of my pack.

  • Thermarest Lite Seat - Like the pillow I used this a couple of time years ago. At 100g I should of bought the NeoAir regular, I never use a seat when I'm sitting I just put my waterproof trousers under my bum.

  • Montane Terra Pants - I did buy a new pair but the exact same sizing now has a shorter leg (a bit too short), the belt clip has changed and there is no pull tag on the fly zip. All of these are negatives to me, the old model was better.