Where the hell am I now?

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Its been an incredibly busy time since my last post, long days at work and weekends walking all over the place. I will quickly say that I'm off again tomorrow for the start of the TGO Challenge. Crossing Scotland starting from Shiel Bridge on the West coast and finishing on the East coast at St Cyrus. You can track my progress either by looking at the small map to the right or clicking the location link at the top right of the page for a larger version. This is only updated when I remember to manually do this on the phone!

Since my last post I have been to Finland where along with Phil, we met up with Hendrik from Hiking in Finland. We had an amazing time, with Hendrik as our fantastic guide and friend. I haven't had the time to sit down and write the trip up, Phil has here though. If I have time tomorrow night in the hotel at the start of the challenge, I may try to post the trip report. The photo at the top is from Finland, the rest can be seen here.

I am hoping to post some updates from the walk, I find Twitter easier for quick updates. Anything I post there appears on the friendfeed box to the right or you could go here for all my tweets.

Be back soon...