Now is the Time

in Outdoors

For a long time now I've had enough of the day to day mundane life that I and almost everyone leads. Many are happy to go to work, go home, sleep, then repeat. I am no longer willing do that, surely there is far more to life than that?

My previous post "The Journey and the Passion" explained how I had got to the point of identifying what I love to do and why. For years I was a miserable bugger and through the outdoors I've changed so much over the last few years and especially this year. Looking back at stuff from 4 years ago I wanted to leave everything behind, but wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, where to go or anything else.

My mind is now full of ideas, things I would like to see, do and achieve. For what feels like an eternity now I have struggled to concentrate on anything but these ideas, they are all consuming. The internet can be a bad thing and can make Wanderlust almost unbearable. For a few years I've bored certain people with my idea to walk every 2000 foot mountain in the UK as a continuous walk, this is an immense task and even defining what exactly you class as a 2000 foot mountain is a hard enough job. I hadn't realised quite how long I'd been thinking about this, until someone at work pointed out I'd been going on about it for as long as I've known them and haven't done anything about it. Is this just another of my pipe dreams that I never do, like so many others. This has persisted more than any before and just wont go away, not that I want it to.

This year many elements are gradually coming together, probably the most important is my mind set. My outlook on everything has changed, I can do anything I want to..

"If you want something in life, reach out and grab it" - Christopher McCandless

There is no real adventure or risk in most peoples lives these days, life is watered down and fed to us through a straw. Is there any wonder why extreme sports are so appealing to many, they are trying to add the risk, danger and adventure that has vanished from most of our daily lives. I'm not saying I want to jump out of planes (done that) or climb up Everest (yet). I just want to explore some of this amazing place we call home.

I'm not stupid enough to run away to the middle of nowhere tomorrow (am I?), the intention is to start small. I have a test or 2 before I would set off on the 2000's, which is itself is a test for something much larger. My current life gets in the way at the moment, mortgage, debt, etc..The hardest step in the whole adventure is the first step of leaving the safe normality of my current existence.

If I embark (which I fully intend to) on this adventure, is this where my life finally starts?

I just hope I actually manage to achieve my dreams, rather than being talked out of perusing them, it'd be nice to have help to achieve them. This could be a post I look back on and think if only I'd followed them...

Don't worry, normal service will resume with trip reports and planning for "Attack of the Wainwrights", the Ring of Steall & Wainwrights C2C (all in the next 5 weeks).