TGO Challenge – Day 6

in Outdoors

After feeling really down last night, I'd stuck on "The Playlist" that me, Phil & Hendrik had made and I was soon cheered up. Bridge over Troubled Water and then Solitude by Black Sabbath saw to that.

I set off walking at 6 and before I knew it I'd reached Feshie Bridge. After this all the paths looked much the same, Forest paths and roads through trees, luckily it was cooler than yesterday. I ditched the Sealskinz socks which made my feet feel a bit fresher but can feel every rock through my feet now.

I've almost destroyed my custom insoles, so may change to originals which should give more cushioning but less support.

Eventually reaching the first of 2 lochs I started to slow and take in the scenery, stopping at each seat and relaxing a bit more.

There's not much to say about the route, other than seeing lots of deer again and realising just how big the forest is in this area.

I got to the campsite at 11, pitched the Trailstar then walked the 2 miles to Aviemore for Compeed, batteries and sun cream. Annoyingly the only place I could find Compeed was at the far end of town in Boots. I demolished Fish & Chips before walking back to the campsite. Just as I got back Phil rang to see where I was in Aviemore. No way I was walking in again I've already walked 17 miles today.

So basically I am determined to go on, my feet still hurt but what the hell, stuff like this is what tests your resolve and determination. Had a text a while ago that Phil is on his way so I'm signing off for now...