TGO Challenge – Quick Update

in Outdoors

I have been back home for 3 full days now, nearly all that time has been spent with my feet up, literally. I have hardly been able to walk since finishing the challenge. I will hopefully be seeing a doctor tomorrow to find out what's wrong, possibly a sprained right ankle but i will see...

While sitting about I've uploaded the photos to picasaweb and along with captions, I've manually set the location of each photo (5 hours for that). There's a few YouTube videos uploaded with another two to do. These could all be found from the links at the top right but I will do a post with links and the best bits embedded, but thought I'd give a quick update.

I have at least 2 other blog posts to write up, one being Gear the other is a better response to a question I was asked in the comments.

It's been good to hear that people I met on the challenge have also been finishing yesterday and today. Congratulations to everyone :-)