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After realising I was unlikely to get a place on the TGO Challenge from position 66 on the standby list, I needed a new plan. I started with a list of a few Munros I would like to walk and tried to link them up. Many had to be dropped due to the distance from each other and the intention to walk for 2 weeks.

I had almost decided on a route when a text from Phil Turner asked if my route included Skye, it didn't. Several texts and emails later my trip had become 3 weeks and now included the first 4 days of[ Phils route](

The route on the map above is roughly 210 miles and includes 35 Munros, including Aonach Eagach, the Grey Corries, South Glen Shiel Ridge, the Black Mount traverse and many other famous routes. This is the core of the route but I have many extra sections planned if I feel like doing them. Before the main route starts I intend to wander up one of the Black Cuillin on Skye, most likely Sgurr nan Gillean. It should be a nice warm up before 4 non-Munro days with Phil and give me a change to get back into the swing of a long trip before I start on the pointy bits for real.

The extra sections (not shown) are from the Black Mount west to Ben Starav and further East and South of the shown end point (Bridge of Orchy). This could be up to another 12 Munros.

To many this may look ridiculous but over the last few months I've spent a lot of time thinking over why I like walking brought on by having heart surgery. This could influence a large part of this trip, I'm unsure if the operation was a success. I've had several more episodes since, but instead of using it as an excuse to sit on my bum and bin the trip. I am now more determined than ever to do it. At the same time I would not count it as a failure if I end the trip early or alter it in any major way, I just want to get out there.

Over the next few weeks until I leave for Scotland on the 7th May I will be deciding on which gear to take and pondering over where to send supplies. I'm sure several posts will follow before the off.

My dad has called me jokingly a dreamer recently, due to several planned trips not happening. If we didn't dream and turn many of them into reality, we would get nowhere in life. This one I'm determined will be more than just a dream.