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Map Subscription Service?

Over the last year I have been thinking about maps a lot, from using them in my day job, planning adventures in my spare time and for future job plans. Living in the UK the most obvious maps to use are from Ordnance Survey and anyone who has even the most fleeting use for a map will generally be familiar with some of their maps. The paper Explorer maps of the Lake District that I keep in the boot of my car are looking very worn,

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New Website: Finally

Finally I have moved to a new host (Github) and away from Wordpress to Octopress. This process started almost 12 months ago, but I am now almost finished. A lot of hard decisions have been made regarding the site, what to keep and what to remove. There is still a new theme to create but I didn't want to delay any longer. Old Links to I won't get into the technical side of it but I made a decision a lot of years ago

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Kitty's Wood & Public Rights Of Way

Something is stirring in many small villages and towns throughout England & Wales. In normally quiet villages, people are angrily discussing the latest happenings in the woods and fields around them. People who normally keep themselves to themselves are beginning to stand up and share their voice. So what's causing these normally quiet villagers to break their silence? In a word "Access" or Public Rights of Way (PROW), in England & Wales there are around 140,000 miles of off-road routes that are classed as Public

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Deerstalker 2012 Run - A Muddy Romp

I finally returned several years after running the first Deerstalker 5k, this time talking Traci into running it with me. Watch the video above for an idea of the fun had, the HD version is better.

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A First Year Walking - Traci

Lots of outdoors bloggers have been featuring guest posts over the last year. I thought it would be a good idea to ask Traci (my other half) to write about her first real year walking in the outdoors. It's all totally new to her...over to Traci. Up until April 2011 Saturdays and Sundays were spent in the local getting drunk and having hangovers for work on a Monday. After meeting Steven in the February things started to gradually change. After my first walk in March

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