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Walking Mt Toubkal

Myself and Traci actually did this walk 18 months ago in June 2013, but for some reason I never got around to writing it up. I made extensive notes on the actual days and this is the write up of those notes. Hopefully someone will find this useful. We were looking for a summer holiday to relax but me being me, I wanted something a bit different. I have always hated sitting around a pool or lazing on a beach. Initially we were looking at Greece

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The Most Visible Mountain & New Mountain Classifications

The most successful projects, to me at least, are those where you learn so much more than you ever expected to. I started the Peak Visibility project to find the answer to what seamed like a very simple question "Which Scottish Mountain can you see the most?". You can find out how this question arose in the first Peak Visibility post or at the end of this post. It was not quite as simple as I had thought, the first thing was to define the question

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Mountain Leader Training

Over a year ago now I attended a Mountain Leader Summer Training course with the intention of deciding if I would like to guide walks for a living. I had taken many friends and family walking over the years and wanted to know what it would be like to do it for a job. If I decided not to follow that ML path the money (£450) wouldn't be wasted because I knew I would gain new skills which I'm always eager to learn. I originally hoped

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The Most Visible Mountain in Scotland

On a recent trip to the West Highlands I pointed out what I believed to be Schiehallion in the distance as we crossed Rannoch Moor in the car. I recalled how I had been told it was the mountain you could see from the most places in Scotland. I decided that I would test if this was really true. I had a feeling it wasn't. How do you do that? Obviously I am not going to stand in every spot in Scotland and work out what

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Open Maps

Following on from my previous post and the desire for an official map subscription service, I mentioned if the established map providers don't do something radical soon they will start to lose business among the regular public. The biggest threat to traditional mapping agencies like Ordnance Survey or IGN I believe will come from OpenStreetMap based maps. Several years ago I remember seeing OpenCycleMap with it's contour lines and relief shading which look very similar to Harvey maps. The problem with OpenStreetMap at the moment depending

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